Sunshine Management


We can carry out the tasks and responsibilities of managing your condominium or homeowners’ association under the direction of your board of directors, allowing you to concentrate on your business and/or enjoying life in your neighborhood.  Our staff has extensive expertise and years of experience managing long-term projects of all sizes and stages of development.  Our association services include a professional manager, who will:

  • Coordinate the collection of assessments
  • Provide detailed and transparent records and reports
  • Maintain Association finances
  • Review and process Association expenses
  • Assist the Board in the preparation of an operating budget
  • Enforce Association By-Laws
  • Escalate delinquencies to collection vendors as necessary
  • Distribute notices to unit owners
  • Schedule and attend Board meetings
  • Follow up on agenda items
  • Coordinate maintenance in the common areas

Our resources are at your disposal to carry out all of the functions necessary to help you run your association effectively and efficiently.