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How to Make Your Rental Feel More Like a Home

You have signed your new lease and have now moved into your new apartment, and you think that you are the king or queen of your castle.  Days go by, and you soon start to realize that you are living in a plain white box.  Everything is pretty much standard in the unit because the landlord must appeal to the masses.  So you go to your landlord and ask if you may paint a wall or two; only to get hit with a “NO!” What do you do when reality hits and you realize that the kingdom you thought was yours’; is not and you are now stuck living within a sea of white.

How do you bring in color when you can’t paint?  You bring it with accessories; like paintings, colorful side tables, a rug or knick-knacks.  You can change a whole rooms’ feel, just by adding a few multifaceted elements to a place can make it feel more like a home.

Use the white walls to your advantage by using mirrors to help make a dark space brighter by bouncing light or by making a small room feel larger.  Stick with a theme like the classic black and white.  Black and white is a timeless look and will never go out of style.

You can always use the details of the home to accentuate the unique spaces throughout the unit.  Usually, older buildings come with loads of charm on their own that you can use to your advantage.

Never buy anything that you wouldn’t want to take to your next place.  Buy timeless well made pieces, that will last.  By purchasing, quality pieces it will save you money in the long run because you will not need to replace your items quite as often.

A few of these helpful tricks, can take your dull living space and make it feel like it is your little oasis.  You will once again feel like you are the king or queen of your castle.