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We’re sure that there’s a good reason that you decided to move. Perhaps you relocated because of a job. You may have moved to be closer to family or a better school. Maybe you were just tired of or outgrew your old home. As much as most of us dread the thought of packing up and relocating, we often forget the most important part:

We’re getting a new neighborhood.SPD - 2011-07-27 at 08-44-55

Your old neighborhood had quirks and character, but most importantly, it was yours. You knew where the school was. You knew who made the best pizza and who had the fastest delivery. You knew where your closest bank branch was, and where to buy milk at 3 a.m. We generally do a pretty good job of researching our new neighborhood. We look for things like property values, tax rates, crime statistics, and school performance. But we generally neglect the basic necessities.

When you’ve chosen to relocate, and especially to a new town or unfamiliar area, a bit of reconnaissance may be in order. Drive around the immediate neighborhood. Is there more than one way in or out? Then stretch out a bit. What borders your new neighborhood? Is there a convenient shopping area close by? What are the main thoroughfares that lead to your neighborhood?

A good plan of attack includes your new commute to work. If there’s an accident on your favorite route, what’s the alternative? If you get the call to pick up milk on the way home, where do you stop? A great way to learn more about your new neighborhood is by seeing what your neighbors are saying about it. You can find these things out by using apps like Yelp or FourSquare. You’ll quickly find out what’s hot and what’s not. Also look for local and regional newspapers and websites. These will give you bits of helpful information that may be missed in local newscasts.

SPD - 2011-07-27 at 14-02-05Another great tip is to act the tourist. Being in a new home isn’t all work, and researching the local attractions can teach you a great deal. Spending a day on public transportation can tell you a lot about both your neighborhood and desired routes.

Lastly, get out and stretch your legs. Seeing the sights and sounds of your new neighborhood gives you a great insight into where you live, and it’s a great way to meet your new neighbors and make new friends.

Now get out and start exploring!