Sunshine Management

306 Dorsey Ave in Mt. Airy


Type: Detached House with Yard
Location: Mt.Airy, MD
Available For: Coming Soon
Parking: 1 Space
Laundry: Washer and Dryer Provided
Contact: Peter Berti (301-663-8383 ext 219) [email protected]

Sale Price: N/A
Rent: $1,650.00 per month
Pets: Case by Case
Utilities: Responisble for Electric

A beautiful 3BR/1BA Farmhouse with a large Porch near the center of beautiful downtown Mt. Airy.  Coming Available soon for rent! Application Fee is $40 per adult and a $100 dollar hold fee(refundable) while applying.  Enjoy all that Mt. Airy has to offer.