Sunshine Management

10 Hamilton Ave. Frederick MD. 21702

Address: 10 Hamilton Ave. Frederick, MD 21702

Available: Immediately
Available For: Rent
Bathroom: one
Yard: Shared

Rent: $650.00 Plus Utlities
Bedrooms: one
Utilities: Electric
Utilities Included: Trash, Water and Sewer

Sunshine Management Corporation is offering an one bedroom, 1 bath apartment located at 10 Hamilton Ave. Frederick, MD 21702
Apartment is located on the second floor with it own private entrance.

Tenant(s) must make at least $1925.00/Month to qualify. Minimum Credit score of 500 ( but does not guarantee approval). Applicants must pay $25 per fully completed application, Provide one month of pay stubs, copy of award letter if on disability or Social Security.

ALL approved tenants must go to Whether you have a pet or not you must register at this site. No pets, Registered Support or Emotional Support no charge. Regular household pets $20/yr. (subject to change without notice)
Renters Insurance. Sunshine Management requires ALL residence to have a minimum of $300K Liability Insurance with Sunshine Management Corporation listed as additional insured. Please let us know if you need assistance with obtaining what we require. We do have a company that we can refer you too.
We look forward to meeting you and will love to show you this apartment. Contact us today !!